ZWO was an experimental dating app which, from concept to release, took the team only 8 weeks. Unfortunately, it is no longer available on the App Store. The idea was to show two potential partners, for one of which you had to decide. The user had limited time for this decision, which was supposed to make you decide based on intuition.

Especially interesting (from a technical point of view) was being able to provide a smooth experience in an app that is supposed to be used very quickly. Challenges included correct preloading of users and images and face-detection to place the images correctly.

My role

My role was to help conceptualize the app and develop the iOS app together with a colleague. I also handled all tasks related to the initial setup and the release process of the iOS app.

iOS tech

  • VisionKit (Face Detection)
  • CoreLocation
  • Autolayout
  • Remote notifications
  • Keychain
  • Siri Shortcuts
  • NSCache


  • git
  • fastlane
  • YouTrack
  • Confluence
  • Fabric / Crashlytics
  • Sketch
  • Facebook Analytics
  • Google Analytics