Permedio MediCheck

Permedio MediCheck is a project initiated by Doz. Dr. Stefan Wöhrer, which aims to reduce the risk of drugs and their cross-reactivity. Through DNA testing, it also helps patients to find the right drug and dosage for their needs.

Additionally, the iOS and watchOS app connects the patients data from Apple Health with Permedio MediCheck, creating a link between medication and vital parameters. This enables the doctor to make much more precise decisions on medication.

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My role

My role was to design and develop both the iOS and watchOS app on my own. Logo, color scheme and website existed already, based on which I tried to translate the look and feel to iOS and watchOS. I also learned a lot about Apple Health, migration of Apple Developer accounts, and the App Store Guidelines when releasing a medical app.

iOS tech

  • Apple Health
  • Background Tasks
  • Autolayout
  • Local notifications
  • Keychain


  • git
  • fastlane
  • YouTrack
  • Confluence
  • Fabric / Crashlytics

Candidate Header Image
Candidate Header Image